ACI Network Status

Accelerated Connections conducts up-to the-minute active monitoring of our nationwide voice and data network. ACI's standard network maintenance window occurs between 12:00am - 6:00am EST to help minimize impact on our clientele across the country. In some cases, emergency network maintenance is required immediately and will be carried out during business hours.

Data Network

Voice Network


   Core Systems
   Dial Up Connections
   DSL / ADSL Connections
   Email Systems
   EoC / Cable Connections
   Lan X & Fiber Connections
   Manage CRM
   Off-Net DSL (VPN Sites)
   Payment Gateway Services
   T1 Connections
   Web Hosting Servers
   Wireless 3G Connections
   Call Completion
   Call Recording
   Conferencing Services
   Core Systems
   SIP Trunking
   Toll Free Services
   Voicemail Services
   Web Portal
   Cloud Services
   Connectivity Systems
   Cooling Systems
   Core Systems
   Fire Suppression Systems
   Hydro & Electrical
   Security Systems

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Outage Notifications
  All services are functioning normally at this time.

Scheduled Maintenances
  There are no scheduled maintenances planned at this time.